Worst team of the decade


December 21, 2012 by Made In Brum

Birmingham City have had some awful players. Some players have been picked as they never lived up to their potential, some have been picked because they are shocking footballers.Rob Wildey picks his ‘worst team of the decade’.

GK: RICHARD KINGSON- Blues have been lucky in the goalkeeping department, but Kingson just wasn’t up to scratch. The highlight of his time at Blues was when he bumped into the post and suffered concussion.

RB: BJORN OTTO BRAGSTAD- On loan from Derby, Bjorn really was a useless defender.

CB: GIOVANNY ESPINOZA- How did this big lummox make it as a professional footballer? Awful, just awful.

CB: DAVID HOLDSWORTH- Feel a bit harsh putting Holdsworth in the team as he always gave 100%, but he wasn’t the best.

LB: ULISES DE LA CRUZ- Thankfully, the former Villa man was only a temporary signing…

RM: DAVID BENTLEY- His undoubted ability never shone through at Blues, he seemed more interested in a hair being out of place.

CM: NIGEL QUASHIE- Had previously been a decent player, unfortunately he was washed up long before joining the club.

CM: CURTIS WOODHOUSE- He is now a boxer. I am glad he realised that he wasn’t meant to be a footballer.

LM: JESPER GRONKJAER- Despite being as quick a lightning, his crosses were more dangerous to whoever was sat in row 40 than the opposition defence.

CF: CARLOS COSTLY- Absolutely appalling. So bad, it was actually funny.

CF: MATT DERBYSHIRE- He was never going to be the answer. But I don’t think he was as bad as he showed at Blues.

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24 thoughts on “Worst team of the decade

  1. Feed the Horse says:

    Bentley was disappointing. Quashie was shite. However, Andy Marriott has got to run Kingson close for worst keeper

  2. Bluenosesol says:

    Mark Sale?

  3. Harry P says:

    Cameron Jerome? He was cack…

  4. the ginger one says:

    You forgot mullins and caldwell!

  5. bernie says:

    Bit harsh on @woodhousecurtis

  6. danny king says:

    Kingson, alex bruce, espinoza, martin latka, uselss de la cruz, gronkjaer, nafti, mullins, robbie blake, costly,K francis

  7. gollum says:

    Gosh these ‘Mullins’ haters are getting boring. Zzzzzz. Stop using him as a scapegoat and stop picking on one player.

    So he’s a good proven championship player for years and now all of a sudden he’s pap? Get a grip Blues fans

  8. Steve Clarke says:

    fernando coly? Senegal center half.got destroyed v arsenal.awful player.

  9. Dan Mcshane says:


    Ferdinand Coly
    Carlos Espinoza
    Johan Djorou
    DJimi Traore

    Jovan Kirovski
    Salif Diao
    Darryl Powell
    Hamer Bouazza

    Chris Sutton or Marcus Bent
    Carlos Costly

    • Made In Brum says:

      Traore was bad, but I thought he was ok when he played for Blues.

      Salif Diao, I forgot about him and Powell to be fair. I still think Woodhouse and Quashie take some beating.

      Sutton was ok, but too injury prone.

      Coly was bad, I agree.

      Bouazza was average, scored a few goals though!

  10. BeckyBlue says:

    Nathan Redmond!!!

  11. Alfie says:

    Kirovski. Martin Taylor. Scott Sinclair was poor when he was on loan, look at him now. Must be hard playing under McLeish.

    Colin Doyle, he’s rubbish. Arkidius Bak was shit too

  12. vicki_bcfc says:

    Carlos Ferrari…remember him?

  13. young zulu says:

    Bentley was a tart, but can you get any worse than quashie? He was shocking

  14. Tony says:

    mullins isn’t a scape goat he’s just garbage,gotta blame lc for picking him though.On present form caldwell is as bad as martin taylor who was dire.Gosney was shite

  15. scooterbri says:

    Yep id go with that now you need ti put your best team down

  16. scooterbri says:

    What about big kevin francis ?

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