Keep the faith


December 10, 2012 by Made In Brum

birmingham-city-fans-celebrate-356838789Sods law. Lady luck. Call it whatever you like, it certainly hasn’t been smiling on Birmingham City this season. Almost halfway through this campaign, can we look forward with hope or imagine with dread?

Thinking of many positives so far this season can be daunting. Bad performance, followed by bad performance, followed by a decent one, and then another poor one. That pattern has been pretty much the same since August.

So, have there been positives? Yes, but not many. A certain Paul Caddis, who was unheard of before he signed, has become a fan favourite. His energy up and down the line is reminiscent of Stephen Carr, so you can see why the faithful have taken to him.

Some of the football Blues have displayed has been almost as good as what they served up last season. But unfortunately, it has only been in dribs and drabs. The consistency has been the biggest absentee of the campaign. It is fair to say that Blues have been consistently inconsistent.

The negatives? Well, how long have you got? The leaky defence. Some downright awful performances (Barnsley, Watford to name but two) and ‘that’ banner. Yes, I mention that ‘Clark out’ banner. Have we turned into Villa fans? Yes, Blues fans deserve better. But we have always been known for our unconditional support during tough times (and there has been many of them) so leave the tea towels in B6.

Where could lady luck have lent a helping hand this season? Take Wolves’ goal for example. Marlon King swings at a free kick and the ball fly’s in the wrong net behind him. The injuries… Blues have had too many changes forced on them, especially in defence. And some of the refereeing decisions that have gone against us have cost us.

Lee Clark has got things wrong, but I honestly 100% feel that the performances have improved when compared to early season. And even if you don’t like him (which for the record, I do) he won’t be sacked, so what else can we do as supporters other than support him and the players? We’d all be quick to jump on the ‘I backed him all along’ bandwagon should he be successful, so why not give him our backing and then what will be will be.

The words of the song passionately belted out by fans at St. Andrews goes “they’ll be joys and sorrows too’. ‘Though you’re tired and weary, still journey on’. Take your own advice Bluenoses.

Keep the faith!


7 thoughts on “Keep the faith

  1. Frank_BCFC says:

    I think that Clark is turning it around slowly. At least he shows enthusiasm for the job, and wants to be there which is more than what can be said for some of the players.

    • Craigy83 says:

      Too many ‘big’ players under performing. Burke, Redmond (he has been so consistently poor that I was in two minds whether to call him a big player) Davies, Caldwell, Lovenkrands… all been under par. If they can reinvent themselves,maybe we can turn it round

  2. Tim says:

    Wise words indeed… I for one think he can turn it around, but he needs a few bob and a steady reliable boardroom.. Caldwell Elliot and Mullins are not good enough, so if he drops them and brings in a couple of kids.. Hancox Gnore packwood and Asante when he’s fit, and bring back Jake Jervis and we could climb the table keep right on and back Clark noses

  3. Jamie Biddle says:

    Nice to hear a shred of optimism, too few and far between these days in the blue part of Brum. The overall climate of Football these days seems to be can moan, will moan. Will we be getting a Heskey Ex-File? Surely hes earnt it

  4. Steven Jinks says:

    Top article.

  5. Wingman Blue says:

    Good points. Clark’s real problem is man-management. He doesn’t radiate steadiness, like, for example, Steve Bruce did. We need some calm.

    • Made In Brum says:

      Thanks for your comment.

      In some cases he’s been pretty good. His management style of Morrison and Redmond was top notch. In other cases, he could have handled things a little better.

      But don’t forget, he’s 40, which for a manager is inexperienced. He’s still learning himself. And players are adults and need to be accountable for themselves.

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