Clark, the easy target


December 2, 2012 by Made In Brum


The win against Middlesbrough on Friday night was vital for Blues. After a shaky first half, the penalty scored by Marlon King was crucial, then the second half saw a determined and much improved performance, and a deserved three points. With Wolves next up at the Molineux, Blues need to carry this performance and confidence in to the Midlands derby.

The “fan” in the Tilton Road, if you can call him that, with the “Clark out” banner, and I make no apologies for saying this, is a moron. They’d be better off down Villa Park, and what was more absurd? The fact that they took the flag down when Blues took the lead. That’s like saying “I’m going to slag the manager off, unless we’re winning”. What a ridiculous attitude that is. I thought overall the backing from the fans was decent. They stuck with the players and didn’t get irate when behind.

Let’s face it, the club is in a mess. We have the owner and chairman trying to sell the club, but rejecting a bid from the only party interested, as it seems this Hong Kong outfit doesn’t exist. If that is the case, it is a very risky game of bluff. If I was Gianni Paladini, I’d invite Blues to accept the “bid” from this Hong Kong consortium, only then will we see that there is no such thing.

Paul Robinson and Papa Bouba Diop are playing for next to nothing, we have several players out of contract in the summer, others on loan, how can a manager plan anything in this climate? Its too easy to pick on Lee Clark and blame him for everything. Many people still haven’t grasped the whole picture, the real problem; the ownership.

The likelihood is that if this current board are still here in January, bids may be accepted for Jack Butland, Curtis Davies and Nathan Redmond, who I’m led to believe, Man City are keen on. I know that even if Blues were financially stable, Premier League clubs may be an attraction for some Championship players. But, even the likes of Paul Caddis, who has been quality since signing on loan from Swindon, we cannot afford to sign permanently.

Adam Rooney was the make-weight in the Caddis deal, and if all went well for him, it could have been a straight swap in May. But Rooney is a bit-part player at best, so cash will have to be stumped up for Caddis.

Clark has plenty of talented young lads from League One and Two lined up as replacements if player sales are needed. Imagine being a youngster and joining Blues from, say, Rochdale. You’d be so proud to wear the shirt, and would run through a brick wall. Obviously, not every signing would work out, but there is players out there capable of making the step up. Remember, Clark signed Anthony Pilkington from Stockport and Jordan Rhodes from the Ipswich reserves during his time as Huddersfield boss.

Since Clark was appointed manager, he hasn’t moaned or complained once, and he’s very complimentary of the Blues faithful. I’m told when he was interviewed, he was the only one who looked genuinely keen, others turned up as if they were doing the club a favour, and didn’t want to be there. But not Clark. He would have walked from Newcastle if need be.

Its easy to support a team when they’re doing well and winning games. Its the true fans who will stick by the team through bad times, like the majority of Bluenoses do. With Wolves approaching on Sunday, if, and its a big if, Blues could muster a win there, going into the Palace home game will be very interesting. Come on Blues. Keep the faith. And Keep Right On!


6 thoughts on “Clark, the easy target

  1. will baker says:

    Good points in here, he has got things wrong but under the circumstances he’s doing a very hard job.

  2. darrell arnold says:

    That may be so but he has turned a promotion team into relegation battlers and the players are a shadow of what they were before Clark arrived. it doesn’t help that his team selections are half witted and there can be no doubt he will be fired as soon as there are new owners. We were trawling the bottom when he was appointed and we’ve certainly got what we paid for.

  3. Tommy Poole says:

    Hughton left as he knew he would never match last seasons efforts. Fans expectation went through the roof and with PP and CY in Hong Kong, LC has no-one to turn to when he needs advice or a chat etc. Its a horrible horrible job.

    When people say “Clark out”, who would we bring in? The only four who applied for the job were Clark, Curbs, Brown and Keane. Curbs refused a 2nd interview, Brown is a joker and Keane didn’t even turn up. Clark showed determination and genuine interest.

    I think if he had more support from the fans, similar to Friday night, we can move up the table.

  4. JoeHartsGlove says:

    I agree in part with this article. However, if Blues were to take a 10 pt deduction, wouldn’t that be beneficial, providing we still consolodated? At least then a takeover would be closer…

  5. Tilton89 says:

    I’m not against Clark, but you can see why he’s an easy target. The results haven’t been the best this season, but saying that were closer to the top 6 than the bottom 3, points wise. KRO

  6. johnboyblue says:

    The people who are shouting “Clark out ” are idiots. The facts are,Blues cannot afford to replace him,because there is no money in the club. Even if they had money,what person in their right mind would take a job at a club,where the chairman,is under house arrest and has every chance of going to prison. Pannu won’t sell to Paladini and can’t find anyone else to sell to. There is a good chance that come January,half the team could be sold to keep the club afloat,which will mean an almost certain relegation battle. If and when the club is sold,the manager might be replaced,but until that day comes,if you are genuine bluenoses,support the team and the manager,or as made in brum says,clear off down villa park. KRO

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