The silence is deafening

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November 14, 2012 by Made In Brum

Gianni Paladini up’s his offer for Blues… Then, when we expected an answer, nothing. Its all gone relatively quiet. We need a quick resolution to this situation. My biggest concern is whether Carson Yeung’s dilly-dallying, if that’s what the hold up is, will scare prospective buyer’s off.

It is in the best interests of Carson to sell the club, cut his losses. If the club went bump, he would lose an even bigger fortune, and of course, his main asset. The club, now riddled with debt, is only worth around £15-20m in the market. So an offer of £30m from Paladini, although is assume this is not all one up front payment, seems too good to turn down.

Blues fans who are wanting a new owner with the reasoning ‘ Lee Clark will be sacked’ can think again. According to Colin Tattum’s Birmingham Mail blog, if Paladini’s conglomerate are successful in their take-over, they may financially back Clark and let him prove himself. Of course, this is all reading between the lines. Confidentiality agreements stop any party making a proper statement, which all adds to the frustration.

Whether you think Paladini’s men are right for the club or not, one thing we all agree on is that this situation needs sorting now.


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