The Clark vs Redmond saga


November 5, 2012 by Made In Brum

After another slow start, Blues eventually succumbed to their third defeat in four home games against Ipswich on Saturday.

Included in Lee Clark’s post-match quotes was a reference to Nathan Redmond’s sloppy pass, meant for David Murphy, it went to Lee Martin, who’s ball into DJ Campbell was finished for the only goal of the game. Clark said that Redmond “has been told time and time again” not to pass infield, be more positive, run forward, take a player on. Yes, it was the youngsters fault for the goal, and yes, Clark was right to take him off at half time. But he shouldn’t openly criticise the player in public.

If a player, in this Redmond, has a poor game, then he should be told. But not in a media interview. The comments sparked a Twitter rant from Nathan’s mother. She said that Clark was blaming an 18-year-old for “his own failings as a manager”. And that he should “grow some balls”. Strong words.

Redmond, for me, is over-hyped. He’s nothing above average, he is still learning though. He has to take one road or another, excel or settle for being nothing more than a run-of-the-mill championship player, which he is at the moment. But criticism like Clark’s on Saturday night should be kept in-house.

This smelt very badly like a boss trying to deflect the blame away from himself. Although there is no point in sacking Clark in the current financial mess Blues are in, he really does need to sort the home form out and his own demeanour, sometimes he comes across as naïve and inexperienced in interview.

Let’s hope this can all be swept under the carpet and forgotten, Bristol City tomorrow is far to important, let three points be the talking point.

By Rob Wildey


2 thoughts on “The Clark vs Redmond saga

  1. Steve Williams says:

    Before Lee Clarks appointment at Blues I was telling anyone who would listen how he would be an exciting manager for us. Since his arrival I’ve waited and excused him from poor results etc… Gonna be a few teething troubles aint there !! I scoffed at reports of player revolt, but alas I can’t excuse him forever. He IS a RAW young manager sure but as poor as some players have performed recently a manager shouldn’t criticise via the media, take players aside and tell them exactly what you think but make it constructive, never in the public domain to deflect critisism away from yourself. Takeover cannot come quickly enough for me now, whole place needs a new BROOM and for me that includes a new man at the helm. Don’t know who that could be if I’m honest but doubt even owners with money would keep Mr Clark right now.

  2. Johnboy says:

    I agree that Redmond has a lot to learn,same goes for Butland. Lee Clark needs some media lesson’s, he to has a lot to learn. The rest of the players need to be told,there is no easy way to succeed, hard work is the the only way and they are not working any where near hard enough.

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