What are the problems?


November 4, 2012 by Made In Brum

What have been the problems behind Blues’ inconsistent start to the season?


The supposed take-over of the club has to be a factor of the poor start to the season. The club is in a financial mess and has to be sold as soon as possible.

What effects does it have on the manager and players? Lee Clark has bought in Paul Robinson and Papa Bouba Diop. Both are free agents, but a sign of how poor the finances are, we could only afford them on a month contract. This creates uncertainty, the player doesn’t know whether he is coming or going, the manager doesn’t know how long he will have the player for (it may not be viable to extend it). If only we could give the free agents a season’s long deal.

Gianni Paladini is hopeful that his conglomerate’s bid is approved by Peter Pannu and Carson Yeung, only then can we truly start again. Rumours that Nathan Redmond and various other players haven’t been offered new contracts because the club cannot afford it haven’t been confirmed, but cannot be far from the truth.


To make a team successful, everyone has to pull in the same direction. Lee Clark has made some baffling decisions at times, but all of the blame cannot be aimed at him. The players are capable enough of performing, but aren’t. All this talk about them being scared to play in front of their own fans is garbage, the fans at home have, for the most part, been very patient this season. St. Andrews was a fortress last season, this term it is our downfall. Clark has to sort it out.

Saying that, Chris Hughton had a Europa League campaign to hide behind last season when Blues got off to a slow start. But, admittedly, I expected Blues to at least show signs of progress by now. We need to be in the top 8 or 9 by Christmas. That will be the sufficient amount of time to be able to truly judge Clark. For now, I remain unconvinced, but not totally against.

Players like Burke, Redmond, Lovenkrands, Fahey, Ambrose, Mullins etc, all have to start performing, when picked.


Well, we take on Bristol City (home) Blackburn (away) Hull (home) Derby (away) and Blackpool (away) over the next few weeks. It is a massive season defining month for the team. From these five games, nine points would be a sufficient return and should see us move up the table slightly. In the meantime, we have to pray that the take-over is sorted sooner rather than later and then the new owners will make a decision on the management of the club. Until then, all we can do is get behind them and hope for the best!


7 thoughts on “What are the problems?

  1. Alan Francis says:

    The problem is Lee Clark. He has no idea how to produce a unified team that is working together, his team decisions are totally baffling, he refuses to take responsibilty for the team selection and poor signings and now blames the players. The takeover would not be as urgent if he was managing the team properly. It would be happening in the background as it should.

    • Made In Brum says:

      Let’s be honest, regardless of where we are in the table, the takeover is urgent. The club is a state financially and needs to be sold

      • Alan Francis says:

        The club was in the same state financially last season. The difference being that Chris Hughton was able to unite the players and made astute signings.

      • Made In Brum says:

        If Hughton was still here and we were top of the league by 10 points I’d still say that the club needs to be sold. People don’t realise how bad the finances are.

        Not saying that Clark is blameless at all. Just that the club needs to be sold

    • Alan Francis says:

      I’m not saying the takeover shouldn’t be happening, its imperative that we have new owners, investment and a vision. However the speed of the takeover is becoming desperate due to the failings of the manager.

    • JohnR200 says:

      That is by far too simplistic a comment. Yes Clark has made mistakes but can you explain how the same team give decent displays against Leicester, Millwall (last 60 mins) and Leeds and then play so poorly against Ipswich. Ultimately it is down to the players and unfortunately too many of them did not perform. I’m not sure it is all the manager’s fault but ultimately he will be the one held responsible.

  2. Alan Francis says:

    Also publicly blaming an 18 year old on the radio for the Ipswich goal when this sort of conversation should be behind closed doors. Not playing Jonathan Spector in his best position (right back). Not playing Keith Fahey in central or even left midfield. Using loan players before established contracted players. The recruitment of Hayden Mullins and Darren Ambrose in the summer. Its so obvious that something is very wrong with the football management side of things.

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