What do you think?


October 18, 2012 by Made In Brum

4 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. Bluehobba says:

    Can Lee Clark turn it around.. YES He has to and the players have to understand its about the club and there future not about the manager.

  2. Lee says:

    Can’t help thinking that the level of hysteria surrounding Lee Clark is massively disproportionate. We are Birmingham City we’ve had it far worse than it is right now. It’s not great admittedly but how about Terry Cooper or Dave McKay. Clark has had no time at all yet and the circumstances around the club aren’t the best, at least he wants the job and appears to actually care which is more than the previous two incumbents

  3. Avit says:

    Yeah because Hughton didnt care did he? Got us to 4th and just missed out in play offs and Mcleish got us into Europe, our best ever finish in the prem and won us the cup. Didnt care did they?

  4. lukekiely says:

    Avit, if they cared McLeish wouldn’t of gone to the vile and Hughton wouldn’t of left after just one season, I really can’t see Lee Clark giving up on us, I don’t believe the word “quit” is even in his vocabulary, he’ll turn it around no doubt and he’ll be our manager for a long time, hopefully 😀 just keep the faith and keep right on

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