Cut Clark some slack, blame the players too

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September 25, 2012 by Made In Brum

Following the recent humiliation at the hands of Barnsley, many supporters have called for Lee Clarks’ head. But I ask you this. Shouldn’t the player take the blame? After all, it was the players who were gutless, it was the players who couldn’t pass to a blue shirt, not Clark. Yes, he picks them, but what else can he do?

Clark doesn’t tell Marlon King to miss-kick Barnsley’s corner into the path of Steve Foster. He also doesn’t tell Darren Ambrose to fall over when running back towards his own goal. And people accusing the players of not caring. Clark clearly does. Whether he’s the man for the job, I don’t know. Surely, its too early to judge. This time last season, if memory serves, we had the same points under Chris Hughton. And we weren’t playing well, not by this stage. Yet, no-one judged him. They gave him time to turn it round. Ok, we didn’t lose 5-0 at home. But that’s not going to happen again. If it does, I’ll eat my hat.

I’ve had debate after debate on our official Twitter feed about this. If we sack Clark now, bring a new man in, he loses a few games, do we sack him as well? Its a vicious circle. I agree, that if we still struggling and playing poorly at Christmas time, then the board need to consider a change. But not yet.

That brings me to the ironic and moronic cheers that greeted Hayden Mullins’ substitution. This is not what I define as support. Were these the same people who booed Damien Johnson or Keith Fahey? Are these the same people who petitioned to stop Lee Bowyer signing for Blues first time round? Perhaps these were the same people who took to the pitch in protest of our previous owners… Look what good that did. I have seen Blues fans at their best. When they are in the mood, they can be the twelfth man. But recently, large sections have been the complete opposite. If you wanted to support a team that won all the time, you certainly wouldn’t support Birmingham City. But you do. So let’s get behind the team now, when they need us more than ever.

Keep Right On! By Rob Wildey


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